Ensure data availability and continued operations for all your workloads with comprehensive backup solutions across cloud and on-premises environments. Safeguard against ransomware, natural disasters, and human error with confidence.

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    Quality data backup is the linchpin of business resilience, shielding against data loss and ransomware threats, and ensuring swift recovery in the face of unforeseen challenges. Recovery Point’s Backup Service ensures your business is prepared for any data-related challenge whether it’s operational support, disaster recovery, or long-term archiving. With a vendor-agnostic approach, we tailor backup solutions to meet your specific needs for retention, compliance, data access, and cost. Our managed infrastructure, network, and storage provide a secure secondary location for backing up data and applications, including Microsoft 365, ensuring rapid recovery in the face of data loss events.


  • Fast Recovery

    Immutability and clean backups facilitate rapid recovery.

  • Enhanced Protection

    Air-gapped backups guard against malicious activity or accidental deletion.

  • Versatile Support

    Covering x86 and Mainframe environments, both physical and virtual.

  • Cost-Effective

    Aiming to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize Return on Investment (ROI).


Our 100% onshore, North America-based support team means that with Recovery Point, you can be assured of a personal and tailored experience. With over 9 years of Gartner recognition and an 86+ NPS score for customer loyalty and satisfaction, when you’re with Recovery Point, you’re in good hands.

  • 86 +

    NPS backed by clients endorsements

  • 100 %

    on shore accessibility

  • 9 +

    consecutive years being validated by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant and Market Guide for DRaaS

Key Features

Local and Offsite Storage

Ensure swift data recovery with short-term retention backups stored onsite for operational efficiency. Tiered backups, leveraging immutable object storage offsite, fortify against long-term data loss, ransomware, and unexpected disruptions.

Air-Gap Backups

Our service adds an extra layer of defense to your critical data by implementing air-gapped backups. This technology physically isolates your backups from the production environment, providing an impervious barrier against malicious activities or accidental deletions.

Technology Support

Experience versatility with Recovery Point’s backup service covering x86, IBM Power, and IBM Mainframe environments. Our inclusive approach ensures comprehensive data protection, regardless of your IT infrastructure.

Vendor Compatibility

Choose flexibility with our backup service, supporting a spectrum of technologies. From Veeam, including Veeam M365, to Commvault, VTAPE, and Mainframe VTL, we accommodate diverse backup technologies, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.

Management Portal

Take command of your environment with our accessible client portal. Effortlessly manage configurations and oversee the intricacies of data backup and recovery processes, putting you in control of your data resilience strategy.

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