Recovery Point offers comprehensive Tape Services, leveraging modern, high-density tape media for economical backup and archive data storage.

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    Tape continues to play a significant role in an enterprise’s disaster recovery strategy, moving from a primary means of backing up data to a secure, immutable safeguard against cyberattacks. With over 40 years of experience in media storage services, we provide managed tape archiving solutions that ensure regulatory compliance and robust security measures. Our Tape Services provide a last line of defense against malware attacks, offering “Air-Gap” protection to safeguard critical data. By managing all aspects of physical tape storage operations “as a Service,” including infrastructure provision, media creation, rotation, and expiration activities, clients can enjoy the benefits of tape storage without financial and operational burdens.


  • Cost-Effective Archive Storage

    Modern tape media offers economical backup for archive data, meeting regulatory needs at a lower cost than cloud storage.

  • “Air-Gap” Protection

    Tape storage acts as a crucial defense against malware, keeping data isolated and safe from corruption.

  • Hassle-Free Management

    Recovery Point handles all tape storage tasks under a single contract, saving time and expense for clients.

  • Seamless Data Restoration

    Media mounts enable quick access to archived data, ensuring seamless business continuity.


Our 100% onshore, North America-based support team means that with Recovery Point, you can be assured of a personal and tailored experience. With over 9 years of Gartner recognition and an 86+ NPS score for customer loyalty and satisfaction, when you’re with Recovery Point, you’re in good hands.

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    NPS backed by clients endorsements

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    on-shore accessibility

  • 9 +

    consecutive years being validated by Gartner in the DRaaS Magic Quadrant and Market Guide

Key Features

Air Gapping

Ensure data integrity with tape rotation services, known as “tape out,” for verified and recoverable tape backups, offering a true air gap between backup copies.

Storage Facilities

Our tape storage vaults comply with National Archives and Records Administration 36 CFR Part 1234 Certification.

Tape Delivery

Enjoy convenience with pick-up and drop-off services of physical tapes as part of our storage offerings.

Tape-to-Tape Migration

Seamlessly transfer data between tapes with our storage and maintenance services.

  • Contract Regulations

    Federal Client GSA Schedule – Recovery Point provides tape storage and transportation services under GSA Schedule using Contract number GSA 47QSMS24D0010. Recovery Point’s facilities are compliant with National Archives and Records Administration 36 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Part 1234 Certification.

    GWAC Vehicles – Our services are also available through numerous Government Wide Acquisition Contract vehicles, or GWACs, via teaming relationships with virtually every major Federal government prime contractor.

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