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At the core of our cyber resilience offering is a proactive approach to identifying and safeguarding your most critical data, combined with a secure and tested means of recovery for end-to-end coverage for cyber events.

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    In an era where cyber threats are pervasive, safeguarding your critical data and ensuring seamless recovery from cyberattacks is paramount. Our Cyber Resiliency service stands as a stalwart shield, offering a comprehensive solution to navigate the intricate challenges posed by cyber events. Merging modern data protection, automation, and unmatched recovery expertise, we provide an end-to-end cyber resiliency framework tailored to your business needs.

Key Features

Business Continuity Consulting

Our tailored consulting services provide strategic insights to fortify your business against a spectrum of cyber risks. From risk assessments to resilience planning, we ensure your business is prepared for any disruption.

Recovery Planning and Runbooks

Crafted with precision, our recovery plans and runbooks offer a strategic roadmap for swift and efficient responses during cyber incidents. Meticulously designed, these resources ensure that your organization is prepared well for recovery operations.

Regular Recovery Testing

Periodic testing is the backbone of effective cyber resiliency. Our service includes regular assessments to validate and enhance the effectiveness of your recovery strategies, ensuring they stand up to real-world scenarios.

Immutable Backups

Data integrity is paramount. Our solution incorporates immutable backup strategies, providing an added layer of protection against any tampering or compromise of your critical data.


A sophisticated defense mechanism, air-gapping ensures the secure separation of your critical systems from potential cyber threats. This proactive measure mitigates the risk of unauthorized access and protects your organization from cyber intrusions.

Isolated Recovery Environment

When recovery is crucial, our service provides a secure and isolated environment for swift and secure recovery operations. This dedicated space ensures that your critical systems can be restored efficiently, without compromising security.

Finetuning Your Cyber Resilience Strategy: Why a System Impact Analysis is an Important Step


Organizations that are well prepared for a ransomware attack have a far greater chance of fully recovering impacted critical infrastructure and the business processes and operations it supports. While the typical downtime caused by a ransomware attack is between seven and 21 days, the best-prepared organizations can fully recover in a few days or even a few hours.

  • 73 %

    of companies worldwide paid ransom to recover data

  • 9.4 M

    the average cost of a data breach in the U.S.

  • 93 %

    of ransomware attacks explicitly target backups making ransomware recovery more difficult

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