Data Replication

Guarantee your data’s availability with advanced data replication and failover for disaster recovery, providing secure and powerful data protection.

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    An essential component of our comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering, data replication ensures the resilience and accessibility of your critical data.

    Data replication synchronizes copies of your data across multiple locations simultaneously with a singular mission: to guarantee your data’s availability precisely when your users require it. By replicating to secure targets, whether remotely or in the cloud, we eliminate the risks of a single point of failure. Should your primary data or any backups become unavailable, our advanced replication and failover mechanisms, supported by top-tier technologies like Zerto, Veeam, and Pure Storage, guarantee uninterrupted access.

    With managed infrastructure, network, and storage, clients can confidently replicate their data to a certified and secure environment, choosing the level of management that suits their needs, from hands-on to fully managed by Recovery Point. Trust us to be your ultimate backstop for data protection, ensuring availability whenever and wherever you need it.


  • Modernized Data Protection

    Exercise on-demand, remote, and non-intrusive recovery, enabling organizations to eliminate downtime and stay resilient in the face of disruptions.

  • Compliance Assurance

    Enhance resilience against disasters, failures, human error, and cyberattacks with our predictable replication programs, reducing RTOs and RPOs while meeting compliance.

  • True Application Resilience

    Achieve genuine application resilience through recovery workflow automation across heterogeneous environments, ensuring consistent performance.

  • Efficient Failover

    Experience minimal downtime and lower capital expenditure (CapEx) with failover to a replica environment, surpassing in-house alternatives.

  • Aggressive RPO and RTO SLAs

    Achieve ambitious Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) SLAs, ensuring minimal data loss and swift recovery.

  • Seamless Integration

    Ensure seamless integration with both physical and virtual environments, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse IT infrastructures.

  • Multi-Platform Support

    Support for multi-platform environments and operating systems including x86, IBM Z Mainframe, IBM Power, IBM i, AIX, Windows, and Linux.

  • Management on Your Terms

    Choose your level of management, from hands-on to fully managed. Exercise control over replication and recovery events through frequent testing using robust automation and orchestration.


Our 100% onshore, North America-based support team means that with Recovery Point, you can be assured of a personal and tailored experience. With over 9 years of Gartner recognition and an 86+ NPS score for customer loyalty and satisfaction, when you’re with Recovery Point, you’re in good hands.

  • 86 +

    NPS backed by clients endorsements

  • 100 %

    on shore accessibility

  • 9 +

    consecutive years being validated by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant and Market Guide for DRaaS

Key Features

Flexible Replication Options

Safeguard your digital ecosystem with the utmost flexibility. Protect any physical, virtual, or cloud server by replicating data to the Recovery Point DRaaS data center hot site. This adaptability ensures that no matter your technological mix, your data stays protected.

Snapshot and CDP Capabilities

Tailor your data protection to precise specifications with our powerful snapshot and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) capabilities. Need to meet specific Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirements? Our service provides the agility to apply replica snapshots or leverage continuous data protection as necessary. This granularity allows you to align your data recovery strategy with the unique demands of your business operations.

Sandbox Testing Environments

Experience the confidence of testing system upgrades in a secure, offline sandbox environment. Our dedicated testing spaces allow for isolated experimentation, ensuring that upgrades integrate seamlessly and function optimally. This risk-free setting enables thorough assessments of new features, configurations, or patches, guaranteeing that any potential issues are identified and resolved before implementation in your live environment.

Comprehensive Platform Support

Experience versatility with Recovery Point’s replication service covering x86, IBM Power, and IBM Mainframe environments. Our inclusive approach ensures comprehensive data protection, regardless of your IT infrastructure.

Management Portal

Take command of your environment with our accessible client portal. Effortlessly manage configurations and oversee the intricacies of data replication and recovery processes, putting you in control of your data resilience strategy.

Vendor Compatibility

Choose flexibility with our replication service, supporting a spectrum of technologies. With technology options from Zerto, Veeam, Carbonite, Global Mirror, Pure Storage, Mainframe VTL, Mainframe SRDF, and Mainframe GRID, you can take advantage of the best disaster recovery capabilities, while ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.

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