Ransomware Recovery as a Service

Leveraging decades of expertise in data recovery and business resiliency, we offer a proactive approach to identifying and safeguarding your most critical data, combined with a secure and tested means of recovery for end-to-end coverage for cyber events.

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    Ransomware attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, frequent, and destructive, posing significant threats to businesses of all sizes. The phrase “it’s not if, but when your organization will be affected” has never been more veritable. Recovering from such attacks is not just about restoring data; it involves a comprehensive strategy that includes preemptive resiliency planning, prioritizing requirements, delivering advanced technological defenses, and executing robust recovery orchestration and protocols.

    Ransomware Recovery as a Service (RRaaS) by Recovery Point is a comprehensive solution engineered to address the complexities of ransomware recovery. While traditional cybersecurity companies look to mitigate the immediate threat from an attack, our focus and strength lies in the meticulous orchestration of the people, processes, and technology necessary to ensure enterprise recoverability in the face of cyber threats. Our proactive approach, combined with our recovery orchestration expertise, deep knowledge of multiple infrastructure platforms, and state-of-the-art delivery technology and processes, provides a reliable bulwark against the growing threat of ransomware, providing a high level of assurance that key systems and critical IT infrastructure are recoverable.


  • Deployment Flexibility

    Whether your IT infrastructure resides on-premises, in a colocation facility, a public cloud, or any combination, our service manages your system and application resilience processes.

  • Enhanced Data Integrity

    Immutable backups and regular backup scanning and validation ensure that your data remains secure and recoverable, preventing data loss and ensuring business continuity.

  • Transparency and Reporting

    Detailed documentation and reporting provide clear insights into recovery readiness, activities, and outcomes, promoting transparency and enabling informed decision-making.

  • Multi-platform Support

    Support for multi-platform environments and operating systems includes x86, IBM Z Mainframe, IBM Power, IBM i, AIX, Windows, and Linux.

  • Rapid Recovery

    With our hot site failover environment and automated, orchestrated recovery processes, your organization can quickly resume operations with minimal disruption, reducing downtime and financial loss.

  • Expertise and Experience

    Leveraging decades of experience in data recovery, our team provides unparalleled expertise, ensuring that your recovery processes are handled efficiently and effectively.


Organizations that are well prepared for a ransomware attack have a far greater chance of fully recovering impacted critical infrastructure and the business processes and operations it supports. While the typical downtime caused by a ransomware attack is between seven and 21 days, the best-prepared organizations can fully recover in a few days or even a few hours.

  • 73 %

    of companies worldwide paid ransom to recover data

  • 9.4 M

    the average cost of a data breach in the U.S.

  • 93 %

    of ransomware attacks explicitly target backups making ransomware recovery more difficult

Key Components of RRaaS

By providing core system recovery following cyberattacks (and proactively preparing companies in anticipation of future intrusions), Recovery Point helps mitigate downstream impacts on enterprise infrastructure, business processes, and end users.

Ransomware Readiness Gap Assessment

This initial assessment evaluates your organization’s current preparedness for a ransomware attack, identifying gaps, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement to enhance your overall recoverability.

Business Continuity and DR Planning

We develop comprehensive strategies to ensure operational resilience and quick recovery post-attack, crafting detailed recovery plans tailored to your business needs.

Immutable Backups

Our solution implements unchangeable backups to protect data integrity against ransomware encryption, ensuring backups cannot be modified or deleted by unauthorized users. Unlike replication strategies that can propagate ransomware to a recovery site in real-time, regularly scheduled immutable backups mean there will be a clean version before the attack.


A sophisticated defense mechanism, air-gapping ensures the secure separation of your critical systems from potential cyber threats. This proactive measure mitigates the risk of unauthorized access and protects your organization from cyber intrusions. Our clients’ immutable backups are stored in an air-gapped environment.

Hot Site Failover with Cleanroom Capabilities

We establish an alternate isolated recovery environment (IRE) equipped to maintain clean and secure operations during recovery, allowing organizations to bring in separate incident response (IR), managed detection and response (MDR), and other managed security service providers (MSSP) for forensic analysis in a controlled environment.

Backup Scanning and Validation

We regularly scan and validate backups to ensure they are free from corruption or malware, using advanced tools to verify the integrity and usability of backup data.

Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

Our service identifies and addresses potential vulnerabilities within your system, conducting regular and thorough assessments to enhance your security posture against future attacks.

Testing and Validation

We continuously test and validate recovery plans, simulating ransomware attack scenarios to evaluate and refine strategies, ensuring preparedness when it matters most.

Runbook Management and Reporting

We create and maintain detailed documentation of recovery processes, providing comprehensive reports on recovery readiness, activities, and outcomes to facilitate transparency and continuous improvement.

Automated, Orchestrated Recovery

RRaaS is powered by Recovery Point’s proprietary Resiliency Management Platform (RMP), a patented software platform ensuring unparalleled automation and orchestration for a seamless recovery experience. Clients can embrace efficiency, incorporate scalability, and reduce human errors.

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