White Paper September 1, 2023

Ransomware Recovery Playbook

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare For and Recovery From Cyber Threats and Attacks

Business Continuity, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Ransomware

In the face of escalating ransomware threats, the ability to safeguard your organization’s data effectively can make all the difference  between a swift recovery and prolonged struggles. Organizations that are well prepared for a ransomware attack have a far greater chance of fully recovering impacted critical infrastructure and the business processes and operations it supports.

Download this eBook to learn how to create a comprehensive recovery plan and ensure resilience in the face of ransomware.

Highlights include:

  • Tips to create a ransomware response team
  • Best practices for identifying critical data and applications
  • Considerations when implementing solutions for risk mitigation, backup, response, and recovery
  • Steps to establish your ransomware recovery plan (checklist included!)