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Maximize your business's availability, minimize risk, and unlock cost savings by deploying your hardware in Recovery Point's state-of-the-art, strategically located data centers, designed for unparalleled data security, resilience, and seamless cloud integration with enterprise-class reliability.

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    Recovery Point’s Colocation and Hosting Services at our state-of-the-art data center facilities are meticulously crafted to provide unmatched availability, security, and efficiency for your business needs. Our architecture is designed with a focus on ensuring service resilience, data security, and interoperability, and is underpinned by Tier III concurrently maintainable mechanical and electrical infrastructure — certified by the Uptime Institute at two sites.

    Opting for our colocation and hosting solutions translates into enhanced operational uptime, substantial risk mitigation, and significant cost efficiencies over traditional on-premises data center management. Trust your hardware to our secure, high-performance infrastructure and unlock unmatched reliability and security, empowering your business to prioritize innovation and growth that is free from the complexities of data center upkeep.


  • Extensive Security

    All sites feature extensive physical and logical security controls, including dual-factor access authentication, ballistic mantraps, and video surveillance, and are manned 24x7 by credentialed staff.

  • Certified Compliance

    We qualify our facilities against the most rigorous Federal and industry benchmarks so our clients and their auditors and risk managers can be confident that the services we provide will enhance the security of their critical IT assets and data.

  • Cost-Efficient Operations

    Leverage competitive, low-latency network solutions with Recovery Point to streamline your hybrid data center costs. Our dark fiber infrastructure offers direct, cost-effective connectivity, eliminating last-mile overhead.

  • Seamless Connectivity

    Experience unparalleled network flexibility with Recovery Point's carrier-neutral infrastructure, enabling instant access to over 1,500 networks and cloud services with comprehensive speeds of up to 200 Gbps and end-to-end service management.

  • Direct Cloud Access

    Recovery Point colocation sites offer direct, secure on-ramps to leading public cloud connections like AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute, bypassing the public Internet.

  • 24x7 Expert Support

    Benefit from Recovery Point's unmatched service and support, delivered by certified colocation support staff with CompTIA A+ and CDCT credentials. Our "Smart Hands" services provide expert, round-the-clock assistance for your remote operations.

  • Our Data

    Strategically located away from high-risk areas, our data centers boast rigorous physical and logical security measures and are audited against prestigious national standards including System and Organization Control 2 (SOC2), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and others, to safeguard your critical data around the clock. These facilities are operated 24×7 by highly credentialed staff, ensuring enterprise-class reliability and performance.

    Leveraging direct, low-latency connections to all major public cloud providers and peering exchanges, our data centers facilitate seamless private and hybrid cloud deployments across a variety of complex, heterogeneous environments.

Facility Features & Capabilities


  • 2N UPS power for all critical infrastructure
  • 10-minute UPS battery runtime
  • 2N generator power with 5-7 days on-site fuel supply
  • Diverse physical entry points for network services


  • Carrier-neutral interconnect services
  • Metro dark fiber builds from 100 Mbps to 200 Gbps
  • Layer 1 extension of client data centers via dark fiber
  • Diverse fiber entries and backbones
  • Diverse “Meet Me” rooms
  • Diverse POEs, MDFs and IDFs

Cloud Capabilities

  • Secure Recovery Point private cloud infrastructure
  • Extensive Service Catalog
  • Managed DRaaS and security across multiple sites
  • Secure hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Direct fiber access to major cloud providers and exchanges
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