Protect sensitive policyholder information and ensure business continuity with our specialized data protection strategies for the insurance sector.

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    Insurance companies grapple with the dual challenge of safeguarding sensitive policyholder information while ensuring business continuity in an industry inherently based on trust and reliability. As they navigate a digital transformation, these companies collect and store vast amounts of personal and financial data, making them lucrative targets for cyberattacks. The sector’s competitive landscape further demands innovative, customer-centric services, which must be balanced with stringent regulatory compliance and the protection of confidential data. Recovery Point understands these challenges and has years of experience working alongside insurance companies to ensure resiliency in the face of disruption.

    We offer a comprehensive suite of IT and cyber resilience services, tailored to address our clients’ unique challenges. Spanning data protection, data center and colocation, tape, and expert advisory, our offerings range from hands-on support to comprehensive, fully managed services. Whether seeking robust data protection, secure storage solutions, or strategic guidance, clients can rely on Recovery Point for unparalleled expertise and support across their resilience journey.

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