Shield proprietary information and maintain operational integrity with our comprehensive data protection services for the manufacturing sector.

  • Overview

    Manufacturers are increasingly at the crossroads of innovation and vulnerability, facing distinctive data protection and resilience challenges as they integrate digital technologies into their operations. The drive towards Industry 4.0 has seen a surge in the use of IoT devices, cloud computing, and automation, exponentially increasing the attack surface for cyber threats. Protecting proprietary information, including intellectual property and sensitive production data, becomes paramount as breaches can lead to significant competitive disadvantage and operational disruptions. The interconnected nature of modern supply chains means that security incidents can have far-reaching consequences, affecting not just individual manufacturers but entire networks. Recovery Point understands these challenges and has years of experience working alongside manufacturing companies to ensure resiliency in the face of disruption.

    We offer a comprehensive suite of IT and cyber resilience services, tailored to address our clients’ unique challenges. Spanning data protection, data center and colocation, tape, and expert advisory, our offerings range from hands-on support to comprehensive, fully managed services. Whether seeking robust data protection, secure storage solutions, or strategic guidance, clients can rely on Recovery Point for unparalleled expertise and support across their resilience journey.

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