Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) from Recovery Point delivers a robust, integrated solution for seamless business continuity, bridging legacy systems and modern digital infrastructures against a backdrop of evolving cyber threats and operational demands.

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    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is essential in today’s digital era, offering a crucial link between traditional disaster recovery and the needs of digital transformation. It serves as a proactive measure against cyberattacks, hardware failures, and other disruptions, ensuring business continuity and data protection.

    Recovery Point’s DRaaS leads in business resilience by blending legacy support with modern recovery solutions. Tailored for both traditional and digital infrastructures—ranging from Mainframe to virtual systems—our service provides an integrated recovery strategy that aligns with your IT ecosystem. Our custom-built data centers replicate your environment precisely, backed by our 40+ years of extensive experience across various platforms and technologies. With our credentialed experts and state-of-the-art recovery centers, we offer a robust foundation for designing and managing your disaster recovery plan, ensuring operational readiness and seamless business continuity.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure Recovery Facilities

    Benefit from our highly secure recovery environments, where technical experts support all recovery tests and disaster declarations, ensuring your business remains uninterrupted and resilient.

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Integration

    Our DRaaS solution supports a multitude of technology platforms and centers, facilitating a cohesive recovery strategy that spans across your entire IT landscape.

  • Advanced Remote Testing & Recovery

    Leverage the convenience of state-of-the-art remote testing and recovery capabilities, allowing for efficient disaster management from any location.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    With Recovery Point's DRaaS, experience significant savings on capital expenditures, support costs, and infrastructure overhead, optimizing your investment in disaster recovery.

  • Compliance-First Approach

    Our DRaaS offerings are designed with a compliance-first mindset, ensuring your resilience strategy not only mitigates the impact of disasters but also aligns with regulatory and compliance requirements, driving down recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

  • Automation & Orchestration

    Powered by our proprietary Resiliency Management Platform (RMP), our Managed Resiliency service achieves unparalleled automation and orchestration, enhancing efficiency, scalability, and reducing human errors for a seamless disaster recovery experience.

Experience fully managed DR to the application level, backed by experts and designed with compliance and security in mind.


Our 100% onshore, North America-based support team means that with Recovery Point, you can be assured of a personal and tailored experience. With over 9 years of Gartner recognition and an 86+ NPS score for customer loyalty and satisfaction, when you’re with Recovery Point, you’re in good hands.

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    NPS backed by clients endorsements

  • 100 %

    on shore accessibility

  • 9 +

    consecutive years being validated by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant and Market Guide for DRaaS

Solution Components

Data Replication

This essential component of our comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering ensures the resilience and accessibility of your critical data. By replicating to secure backup targets, whether remotely or in the cloud, we eliminate the risks of a single point of failure. Should your primary data or any backups become unavailable, our advanced replication and failover mechanisms, backed by top-tier technologies like Zerto, Veeam, and Pure Storage, guarantee uninterrupted access.

With managed infrastructure, network, and storage, clients can confidently replicate their data to a certified and secure environment, choosing the level of management that suits their needs, from hands-on to fully managed by Recovery Point.

  • Achieve aggressive RPO and RTO SLAs
  • Experience minimal downtime and lower capital expenditure (CapEx) with failover to a replica environment
  • Exercise on-demand, remote, and non-intrusive recovery


Recovery Point’s backup solution ensures your business is prepared for any data-related challenge, whether operational support, disaster recovery, or long-term archiving. With a vendor-agnostic approach, we tailor backup solutions to meet your specific needs for retention, compliance, data access, and cost. Our managed infrastructure, network, and storage provide a secure secondary location for backing up data and applications, including Microsoft 365, ensuring a rapid recovery in the face of data loss events.

Unlike services offered by many cloud providers, restoration times can begin in minutes, no matter the storage tier.  Our offerings are all part of a single contract to help you manage your data, end-to-end, with complete visibility at all times.

  • Achieve rapid recovery with immutability and clean backups
  • Experience enhanced protection with air-gapped backups to guard against malicious activity or accidental deletion

Hot Site

A cornerstone of our DRaaS offering is our hot site, which acts as a comprehensive backup facility that mirrors your primary production facility in real-time. Embedded within our secure, private cloud infrastructure across our data centers, the hot site is equipped with identical software, hardware, and network connectivity to ensure a seamless transition in the event of a disaster or cyber event. It offers real-time replication and backup of critical data, systems, and applications, enabling businesses to maintain continuity and minimize downtime during both planned tests and unforeseen recovery declarations.

Our managed services ensure a smooth, managed restoration process, providing clients with temporary, dedicated computing and power resources tailored to their specific needs.

  • Ensure business operations can continue with minimal interruption with real-time data backup and system replication
  • Enjoy scalable, on-demand computing and power resources within our private cloud infrastructure, ensuring you have the necessary capacity exactly when you need it
  • Safeguard against data loss with real-time replication and backup capabilities

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Recovery Point’s best-in-class cloud infrastructure is supported by a suite of sophisticated provisioning, monitoring and security tools. When you want to run workloads in the cloud, we provide one of the most affordable and secure platforms anywhere. Recovery Point’s IaaS transforms how organizations manage their computing needs, offering certified data centers equipped for production hosting, DR testing, and recovery environments. With adaptable resources and a secure private cloud, clients gain control over their operating systems, middleware, applications, and databases, achieving efficiency and flexibility.

  • Fulfill disaster recovery requirements seamlessly
  • Experience faster and more cost-effective environments
  • Tailor your computing needs, adjusting resources as demand fluctuates
  • Choose from multi-tenant cloud, private cloud, or bare-metal options, each providing dedicated and secure environments
  • Manage, deploy, and secure your guest operating systems and applications on top of our IaaS infrastructure
  • Access a comprehensive service catalog enabling swift provisioning of network and security solutions

Work Areas

Recovery Point’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) extends beyond traditional digital solutions to include comprehensive physical workspace options, catering to businesses in need of a secure and reliable location from which to operate during a disaster or cyber event. Situated within our 36,000-square-foot, Uptime Institute Tier-III certified data center in Maryland, our offering is uniquely positioned to support businesses in maintaining operational continuity under any circumstances.

Located strategically more than 25 miles away from Washington, D.C., our facility is designed with resilience in mind, well outside of the Dulles International Airport flight path, and away from known floodplains and hurricane zones, ensuring minimal risk of natural disaster interference. This center provides clients with a variety of workspace solutions, ranging from individual desks to private office facilities, all within a secure, high-availability environment.

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