Blog March 27, 2024

Introducing the Scildan Cube: The Emblem of Recovery Point’s Evolution

Learn the story behind Recovery Point's new logo and why it's much more than just an attractive design.

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If you’ve seen our recent announcements or visited the Recovery Point website in recent weeks, you’ve likely noticed some big changes. Earlier this month, we launched a fully redesigned website, including updated branding and a new logo. The decision to refresh the Recovery Point brand was driven by our strategic priorities: providing business resiliency from cyber and ransomware attacks, delivering hybrid multi-platform disaster recovery services, and forming robust business continuity plans for today’s enterprise. This strategic brand transformation marks a pivotal evolution from our foundational disaster recovery services to this broader suite of solutions and strategic priorities.

Front and center in the new branding is the addition of an icon to our logo. In today’s threat landscape, businesses are constantly navigating the complexities of data security, seeking fortitude and innovation in their partners. We thought there was no better way to unveil our strategic evolution than with an emblem that encapsulates our expanded vision: the Scildan Cube. This transformation isn’t just a change; it’s a commitment, a promise, and a journey into the future of cyber resiliency, hybrid disaster recovery, and comprehensive business continuity solutions.

The Genesis of the Scildan Cube

The Scildan Cube isn’t merely an icon; it’s a manifesto of Recovery Point’s dedication to fortifying businesses against the unforeseen. Drawing from Old English, “Scildan” (pronounced ‘SHIL-dan’) – to protect or shield, this cube symbolizes the multi-layered defense strategy pivotal to securing the digital and operational resilience of businesses.

A Symbol of Multidimensional Protection

In today’s intricate digital landscape, data protection requires a multifaceted approach. The Scildan Cube’s structure mirrors the complex, dynamic nature of cyber threats and the comprehensive, strategic solutions Recovery Point designs to counteract them. Each edge, vertex, and face of the cube represents the depth and breadth of our services, from managed cyber resiliency to hybrid cloud disaster recovery solutions, ensuring a 360-degree shield around your business.

Fortress of Resilience

The fortress-like walls of the Scildan Cube aren’t just for show. They signify Recovery Point’s robust security infrastructure, underpinned by our Tier III data centers. These aren’t mere physical locations but bastions of security, equipped to protect against both external and internal threats. This symbolizes our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of protection for your invaluable data.

Navigating the Maze of Digital Security

The maze within the Scildan Cube reflects the complex journey of securing data in the digital age. It’s a path fraught with challenges, requiring innovative and tailored strategies to navigate successfully. Recovery Point stands as a guide through this labyrinth, with a strategic focus on crafting solutions that meet each client’s unique needs, ensuring not just recovery but continuous operational integrity and security.

Why the Scildan Cube?

In choosing the Scildan Cube as the visual standard-bearer of our brand transformation, Recovery Point underscores its commitment to leading the charge in the next phase of business resilience. It’s a declaration of our evolved capabilities and expanded suite of solutions designed to meet the needs of modern organizations. More than an icon, the Scildan Cube is a promise of security, resilience, and strategic partnership in safeguarding what matters most to your business.

As we step forward into this new era, the Scildan Cube stands at the forefront of our journey, embodying Recovery Point’s pledge to protect the performance and integrity of your business. It’s a symbol of our past, present, and the future we’re building together — a future where your operational resiliency is assured.


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