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Recovery Point delivers compliance-first resilience strategies and services, audited to meet the most stringent standards, ensuring highly regulated industries can safeguard their IT assets and data with confidence.

  • Overview

    Recovery Point excels in navigating the complexities of heterogeneous IT environments within highly regulated sectors. Our offerings are designed with a compliance-first mindset to ensure that your resilience strategy effectively reduces disaster impacts while meeting stringent regulatory and compliance standards. This strategic alignment helps optimize recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), ensuring operational readiness.

    Serving a diverse clientele across the public and private sectors, Recovery Point’s facilities and services undergo rigorous audits against top national security standards for site, network, and data integrity. By adhering to the strictest federal and industry benchmarks, we provide our clients—and their auditors and risk managers—with the assurance that partnering with us significantly strengthens the security and compliance posture of their critical IT infrastructure and data assets.

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