Gartner 2024 Market Guide for Disaster Recovery Services

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Recovery Point Recognized in the 2024 Gartner Market Guide for Disaster Recovery as Service

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Gartner has released its 2024 Market Guide for Disaster Recovery as a Service. Recovery Point, a disaster recovery as a service provider, was selected as one of four firms in a distinguished group known as Multiplatform Orchestration Services DR Provider. Vendors in this category have either purchased or internally developed their own orchestration tooling to support multiple replication tools, with orchestration across heterogeneous applications, storage and compute platform architectures. They tend to also offer managed application-level recovery add-on options and some level of multicloud DR support. Some, including Recovery Point, have decades of experience managing disaster declarations and deep competencies in supporting the recovery of a wide range of non-x86 workloads.

One key finding that Gartner notes is “Leading disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) providers are continuing their efforts to differentiate by providing options for application-level recovery, cyberrelated recovery and support for cloud workloads.” Recovery Point is uniquely positioned to provide managed resiliency services to the system level or application level as well as cyber resiliency solutions. We are also continuing to expand our cloud recovery options. Our fully managed disaster recovery solution features automation, orchestration, and regular testing. Recovery Point’s Cyber Resiliency solution is designed to serve as a robust defense mechanism against a wide range of cyber threats. 

In this years Market Guide, Gartner states that a DR program consists of six primary life cycle phases:


The chart is broken down into three categories: primary focus for most DRaaS providers, not typically in the scope, and rarely in scope for DRaaS providers.

Recovery Point is unique because we excel at all six DR program lifecycle phases:

  • Recovery solutions and plan development
  • Risk mitigation and recovery strategies
  • Plan exercises and staff training and awareness
  • Program maintenance and management
  • Program development and governance
  • Recovery requirements

This year’s Market Guide also includes a tool to identify and evaluate potential DRaaS providers based on platform requirements, location and service types.

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