Insurance Company Makes the Switch to Multi-Cloud with Recovery Point

Learn how Recovery Point helped an insurance company make the switch to multi-cloud recovery to save time and money.

  • Overview

    The client is a property and casualty insurance company headquartered on the East Coast and one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the U.S. It was time for a new disaster recovery solution, and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud was considered. However, Azure doesn’t support 32-bit Windows machines and isn’t flexible with physical SQL servers. Their IT team needed more control, and Recovery Point stood out with our flexibility and compliance capabilities.

  • Challenge

    A move from their self-hosted disaster recovery site to a DRaaS-hosted solution was their objective. Compliance guidelines required their systems to run out of a data center in the event of an outage. Zerto was selected, which provides the ability to run and failover out of another data center. Additional issues included:

    • The client’s network wasn’t configured correctly. Their replication and recovery networks were not separated, which did not allow for a graceful failover and tailback.
    • Recovering the active directory was an issue, and additional servers needed to be built. The first failover test wasn’t successful, but highlighted the nature of this issue and allowed us to determine improvements.

    IP addressing also was a problem. Zerto can only remember one IP address, but 70 IP addresses were required. The client also didn’t want to virtualize, preferring to remain on all physical servers.

  • Solution

    Recovery Point moved the client’s entire production environment, and replication was set up. The One-­to-Many Feature with tertiary sites was implemented, which allows the insurer to be in multiple clouds, improves reliability, and significantly reduces the risk of potential data loss. The client relies on all x86 systems, with no power systems or mainframe. To solve the issue with active directory, their recovered model was switched to an Always-On model, which allows the IT team to recover their active directory.

  • Results

    After Recovery Point resolved these issues, their systems were back online within 75 minutes. Zerto did not charge for this migration, ultimately saving the client both money and time.

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