Video February 16, 2023

Steps and Considerations to Build a Successful Business Resilience Plan

Business Continuity, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery

Resilience plans are designed to help organizations adapt quickly to risks and disruptions, while maintaining key business workflows and safeguarding data, assets, and brand reputation. They ensure that businesses remain working regardless of external factors. While these plans are an essential part of protecting your business, sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part.

During this webinar, experts from Recovery Point and Pure Storage outline the essential steps and considerations for building a business resilience plan. The session answers the following questions:

  • What are the basic building blocks of a business resilience and disaster recovery plan?
  • How should DR testing be performed? And how often?
  • How do DR plans prepare organizations for a ransomware attack?
  • What problems are solved with a DR plan?
  • What roles can Recovery Point and Pure Storage play in a successful DR plan?