Video June 13, 2024

Safeguarding Healthcare Payers Against Ransomware: Strategies for Continuous Uptime and Rapid Recovery

Business Continuity, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Healthcare, Insurance, Ransomware

As key players in the health sector, payers hold the crucial responsibility of maintaining 24×7 system uptime to manage member inquiries, claims processing, and provider interactions—activities vital for life-altering decisions. Any downtime not only disrupts these critical services but also incurs significant financial and reputational costs.

In this session, experts from Recovery Point and Pure Storage explore the unique vulnerabilities faced by the healthcare insurance industry, drawing parallels with hospital operations to underscore the necessity of continuous system availability. We discuss the severe implications of cyberattacks and will outline strategies to ensure your systems are not just defendable, but resilient and recoverable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding Cyber Threats: Gain insights into the latest ransomware tactics targeting payer organizations and the potential risks to your operations.
  • Best Practices for Cyber Resilience: Learn about essential strategies including robust backup solutions with offsite copies, air-gapping, and disaster recovery (DR) planning and testing.
  • Implementing Tiered Resiliency: Discover how to apply tiered resiliency models to ensure that your systems can withstand and quickly recover from cyber incidents.
  • Essential Role of Cleanrooms in Cyber Recovery: Understand the critical importance of cleanrooms for securing offsite backups and enabling rapid, segregated system restoration to prevent extended downtimes and ensure service continuity.

Whether you’re a CTO, CIO, IT manager, or involved in compliance and risk management within the healthcare payer space, this discussion will provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for enhancing your cybersecurity posture.