Technical Overview Diagram March 28, 2024

DRaaS for IBM Power

Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, IBM, IBM Power

Recovery Point DRaaS for IBM Power is a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering that works with IBM’s Global Mirror, Dell EMC’s SRDF, and Pure Async replication technologies. It works to maintain identical data in both source and target volume(s) to provide data protection and disaster recovery for all IBM Power workloads, supporting both AIX and IBM i.

This service replicates the data between two sites, over extended distances, and forms consistency groups at regular time intervals allowing clean recovery of applications.

Recovery Point’s DRaaS for IBM Power provides a scalable, storage replication solution that provides data integrity and data consistency with minimal performance impact on the applications at the primary site. It is implemented using IBM FlashSystem, Dell EMC PowerMax, or Pure FlashArray (for AIX only) storage systems at both sites, and can be augmented with replicated Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solutions such as Cybernetics and Dell EMC Data Domain.

Additionally, Recovery Point’s Managed Resiliency for Power Systems provides automation and orchestration to ensure rapid recovery of your critical LPARs.

Recovery Point provides colocation space and power to accommodate client-owned solutions such as IBM FlashSystem 7300, Data Domain DD3300, and IBM Power recovery infrastructure in a subscription-based model. When configuring solutions, requirement gathering includes the number of cores, the amount of memory, the amount of storage (if applicable), and the amount of annual test time.

Recovery Point incorporates network connectivity for dedicated circuit-based or IPsec VPN-based designs, and for remote testing.

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