Cross-platform Application Resilience Orchestration

Not long ago, the idea of using automated tools to orchestrate server recoveries was trumpeted as a game changer. Now, it's only table stakes because, in today's always-on business environment, you need your business processes and applications to be resilient, not just your servers. For that, you need a partner who can deliver application logins, not just server logins.

Enter Recovery Point

Recovery Point’s advanced Application Recovery Service delivers a higher level of business process resilience across your hybrid infrastructure than conventional DRaaS alone. Our service provides cross-platform application recovery orchestration to cohesively deliver the level of application resilience that you need for either simple or heterogeneous deployments, wherever they may live – in your internal infrastructure, the public clouds, a colocation site or a Recovery Point data center.  

We’ll manage your entire resilience program from one platform, with monitoring and reporting provided at the server level so that you get the same level of service across all technologies and platforms without having to “rip and replace” any existing investments in data movers, DR replication engines or backup systems. Our application Recovery Service can incorporate virtually every data protection technology in use today, safeguarding your investment, while elevating your resiliency.

When you need the peace of mind that comes with Business Process Resilience, our SLA-based Application Recovery Service is an economical solution that yields predictable results.   

Application Resilience