Retail Giant Builds a Heterogeneous Environment with Recovery Point

Learn how Recovery Point simplified a retail company's DR program with a customized solution to meet their needs.

  • Overview

    With over $3 billion in revenue, the client holds some of the most highly recognized brands in their industry. When Recovery Point began working with this large national manufacturer and retailer, our disaster recovery responsibilities were split with Azure. However, Azure could not test their DMZ. It also was determined that legacy equipment was a DR requirement. The CIO eventually migrated their entire disaster recovery plan to Recovery Point.

  • Challenge

    The client was using the HP-UX system and suffered an outage. Their failover system was an all or ­nothing design, which caused them to lose the entire system. Consequently, their business operations went down for a time.

    To remedy this situation, Recovery Point suggested an upgrade to Zerto Hyper-V systems. Recovery Point needed to migrate the client’s systems to allow for on-premise and off-premise backups while moving applications and data to the cloud to build a heterogeneous environment.

  • Solution

    The solution consists of a dedicated site of Hyper V systems and Azure site recovery replications into the systems operated by Recovery Point. Azure Site Recovery incorporates Azure as an optional replication target for workloads running on VMs and physical servers. The Azure model that was previously used had changed and could no longer perform on-premise ASR.

    Since the retailer wanted to upgrade the Hyper V systems, Recovery Point gave them a set of UCS Cisco blades that allowed the infrastructure to shift over to newly built systems. RPS experts then took this particular system and drove to the client’s headquarters in another state. Our team stayed throughout the weekend to help with installation and ensure a smooth transition.

  • Results

    Recovery Point provided a volume snapshot of 24 hours in the event of a ransomware attack. Overall, Recovery Point simplified the client’s disaster recovery strategy and provided robust test services. This case study demonstrates that Recovery Point is solution-agnostic, working with clients to successfully create new DR solutions that fit their specific needs.

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