Manufacturing Company Improves Recovery Capabilities with Mainframe Services

Learn how Recovery Point helped a manufacturing company improve their recovery capabilities with mainframe services.

  • Overview

    A large U.S.-based manufacturing company has been a client of Recovery Point since March 2017. The client has made over $3 billion in revenue, and has subsidiaries and processing plants both nationally and internationally. The client utilizes Recovery Point’s hosting services to improve their DR plan and recovery capabilities.

  • Challenge

    The client was referred to Recovery Point by Sirius, as the client’s environment requirements included hot site, cold site, and work area services, as well as hosting and colocation services. The client also required IBM zl4 Mainframe services, specifically the Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) at 7,570 MIPs. Recovery Point was able to meet all of the client’s requirements and won the contract.

  • Solution

    Recovery Point DRaaS for IBM Z Mainframe uses IBM’s Global Mirror replication technology and EMC’s SRDF replication technology to maintain identical data in both the source and target volumes to provide data protection and disaster recovery for all of the client’s IBM Z workloads.

  • Results

    The service replicates the data between two sites, over extended distances, and also forms consistency groups at regular intervals, allowing a clean recovery of the client’s applications.

    Recovery Point DRaaS for IBM Z Mainframe provides a scalable, cloud-based storage replication solution that provides data integrity and data consistency with minimal performance impact on the applications at the primary site. It is implemented using either IBM DS8000 series or EMC VMAX series storage systems at both sites and can be augmented with replicated virtual tape backup solutions such as the IBM TS7760 and EMC’s DLm systems.

    Our IBM Z Mainframe grants the client RPOs of 5-30 seconds, and RTOs of 30-60 minutes. The client’s Senior Manager of Applications said “Recovery Point is an exceptional DR partner. They are on top of their game.”

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