Luxury Jewelry Retailer Switches to Recovery Point For DRaaS Stability

Learn how Recovery Point improves recovery point performance for a retailer using IBM iSeries.

  • Overview

    The client is a luxury jewelry retailer based in New York City, with hundreds of stores globally and a revenue of over $4 billion.

  • Challenge

    The client had reached out to Recovery Point to have a general discussion and request a demo of our BIPs for AIX service. They were interested but decided not to move forward with switching Disaster Recovery providers at the time. Approximately a year later, the client’s original Disaster Recovery provider, SunGard Availability Services, filed for Chapter 77 bankruptcy, and the client reached out to Recovery Point to help them move out of SunGard as soon as possible.

    The client’s primary reason for choosing Recovery Point was our IBM iSeries support, Intel support, and hosting and colocation availability that met the client’s requirements. The goal was to move all of the client’s systems over to Recovery Point in 30 days.

  • Solution

    Recovery Point moved the client’s systems over as required in just one day and a half, enabling the client to be back up and running with minimal disruption to their business operations.

    For the client’s IBM iSeries, Recovery Point provided the client with data domain and recovery, and traditional restore process with Virtual Tape Library. IBM’s Global Mirror replication technology provides data protection and disaster recovery for the client’s IBM i environment between two sites, over extended distances.

    The service includes continuous data protection {CDP). cloud storage and on-demand IBM Power Systems recovery infrastructure to deliver near zero Recovery Point performance. This is a highly scalable, asynchronous storage replication solution that provides data integrity and data consistency without performance impact on the applications at the primary site. The client has 73 iSeries {LPARs) and is phasing out 76 AIX systems. Currently, the client has about 700TB worth of data split between iSeries and AIX.

  • Results

    For traditional recovery, the client’s current RTO and RPOs are now under 48 hours. The client noted that Recovery Point’s stability as a company was a large factor in their decision of selecting a Disaster Recovery provider.

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