Insurance Company Uses Veeam Replicas for Maximum Cost Efficiency

Learn how Recovery Point reduced an insurance company's cost with Veeam replicas and our cloud object storage solution.

  • Overview

    The client is a public insurance company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, serving over half a million policyholders nationally, with a revenue of over $495 million. The company looked to Recovery Point to store Veeam replicas and augment their hosting capabilities.

  • Challenge

    Hosting infrastructure and storing Veeam replicas were required so the client could bring their servers online under stringent recovery standards. Over 700TB of data needed to be stored, so scalability and flexibility while meeting budget demands were critical to the overall success. Data security and compliance issues also were top of mind.

    As organizations scale, new functionality and systems are added which require integration, sometimes with legacy infrastructure. Maintaining this environment can be difficult. Finding the proper colocation situation also was a concern. Variability in pricing, security, uptime guarantees and the quality of the infrastructure changes from one colocation provider to another.

    Since insurers maintain massive databases of personally identifiable information about policyholders, data security was paramount. Storing data in the cloud can increase data breach risks since many insurance institutions are susceptible to denial of services and hijacking attacks.

  • Solution

    Recovery Point’s solution provides a secure and reliable hosting infrastructure and integrates Compellent SAN systems to replicate hosting and store Veeam replicas. With this strategy, the insurer can deploy built-in replication when needed and move data with maximum efficiency. The client also gets cost-efficient and secure storage for the long term preservation of data.

    A game changer for the client is Recovery Point’s S3 Compliant Cloud Object Storage solution which is used to store 700+ TB of data. Also used for Veeam, this technology allows the insurer to access 72 ESXi hosts with VMWare to augment their hosting to bring servers online, giving them CPU and RAM.

  • Results

    With Recovery Point’s S3 Cloud Object Storage, the client benefits from a readily scalable, high ¬≠performance archiving solution with a low and predictable cost structure to meet their needs. Charges are based on a flat fee per gigabyte of storage used so one predictable line-item cost per month is charged.

    Recovery Point is proud to be one of the few data centers in the United States to have received multiple certifications from the Uptime Institute for Tier Ill Constructed Facility infrastructure. Tier Certification of Constructed Facility certification ensures the site infrastructure solutions, as represented in the design documents, have actually been tested by the Uptime Institute to prove compliance. The client is assured service resilience, data security and interoperability for their sensitive information. In addition to instilling confidence in Recovery Point’s hosting infrastructure, these measures also promote data compliance required by the insurance industry.

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