Leading Health Insurer Enhances Cyber Resilience and Compliance with a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution

Learn how Recovery Point helped a leading health insurer significantly strengthen its resilience against both natural and man-made disasters.

I know I speak for the entire team when I say that we are absolutely and genuinely thankful for you and your team at Recovery Point. We all wish we would have met you sooner!!!

-Senior Director, IT Operations

  • Overview

    Our client is a leading health insurance provider based in the Mid-Atlantic region, offering an extensive portfolio of health insurance products, health resource services, and technology solutions designed to promote health and wellness for both individuals and organizations.

    Recognized for its commitment to tailored health plans, the company addresses the unique needs of its diverse membership base.

  • Challenge

    The healthcare industry, particularly payer organizations, faces imminent threats of increased cyberattacks. With expanding data-sharing initiatives between healthcare payers, providers, and external agencies, each integration point becomes a potential vulnerability.

    Central to the client’s operations are several mission-critical applications that deliver real-time, secure data for clinical, financial, and member-facing interactions across the entire organization. In today’s environment, marked by an uptick in cyber threats and ransomware, these applications must be resilient and ensure reliability and security across all organizational facets.

    Downtime caused by ransomware attacks hinders clinical decision-making, causes delays in care provision, and compromises customer service for members. Ransomware attacks on payer organizations encrypt not only the production databases but also the backups used to recover from attacks. As the sophistication of these attacks increases, payer organizations need to address ransomware mitigation and recovery with a modern cyber protection strategy.

    Given these challenges, our client recognized the critical need to fortify their defenses against ransomware to safeguard patient data, prevent costly penalties and regulatory non-compliance, and maintain their reputation and operational continuity.

  • Solution

    As a HIPAA-compliant provider, known for supporting complex, heterogeneous environments, Recovery Point was chosen to bolster the client’s resilience against cyber threats with a comprehensive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) portfolio.

    Recovery Point’s solution provides the client with hot site/cleanroom, dedicated storage, and colocation services. Our cleanroom acts as a comprehensive recovery facility that when needed mirrors the client’s primary production facility. Embedded within our secure, private cloud infrastructure across our data centers, the cleanroom is equipped with identical software, hardware, and network connectivity to ensure a seamless transition in the event of a disaster or cyber event.

    Collaborating with Pure Storage, we’ve developed best-in-class, customized IT resilience solutions for the specific needs of the client’s organizations, including a VMware environment protected by VMware Site Recovery Manager with Storage Replication Adapter (SRA), leveraging Pure Asynchronous replication.

  • Results

    Enhanced Operational Resilience: By implementing Recovery Point’s hybrid and dedicated business resiliency solutions, the client has successfully consolidated multiple licenses and infrastructure capital investments into a streamlined, single monthly recurring contract. This integration not only simplifies financial management, but also enhances the robustness of their disaster recovery capabilities.

    Rapid Recovery and Continuity: The hot site service ensures real-time replication and backup of critical data, systems, and applications. This capability is crucial for the client, allowing them to maintain operational continuity with minimal downtime during both planned tests and unforeseen recovery declarations.

    Compliance and Security: Our service is designed with a compliance-first mindset, specifically catering to the stringent security demands of the healthcare sector. This focus ensures that the client remains in strict adherence to industry regulations, thereby protecting sensitive patient data against potential breaches and avoiding regulatory penalties.

    Proactive Recovery Testing and Support: The client benefits from annual assisted DR testing, which is vital for verifying their ability to meet predetermined Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Additionally, the client has full access to our proactive, responsive support team, enhancing their capability to address issues swiftly and effectively.

    Overall Business Impact: These enhancements have significantly strengthened the client’s resilience against both natural and man-made disasters. By ensuring quick recovery times and maintaining high levels of security compliance, Recovery Point’s solutions not only safeguard the client’s operations and data, but also reinforce their commitment to providing uninterrupted, high-quality service to their members.

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