Financial Services Company Monitors and Manages their Financial Applications and Databases using Recovery Point’s Resiliency Management Platform (RMP)

Learn how Recovery Point helped a financial services company set up their DR readiness plan and DR workflow process with our Resiliency Management Platform (RMP).

  • Overview

    The client is a financial services company based in Colombia with a national presence and a large client base. Application resiliency and availability was of the highest priority for this client and so they came to Recovery Point for guidance on setting up a disaster recovery readiness plan and DR workflow process.

  • Challenge

    The company operates core banking applications on multiple databases, including Oracle, on Solaris systems within their primary data center. The client required core application and data resiliency within this Solaris/Oracle environment. As a financial services provider, the client had to be able to continue their operations through outages and disasters, so facilitating DR switchovers without interruption was crucial.

  • Solution

    Using Recovery Point’s Resiliency Management Platform, DR readiness was achieved by building a failover process that communicates directly with the Solaris environment to stop the production site databases, core banking applications, and data replication services, re-start the environment and replication on the Replica server, and then finally redirect traffic to the Replica site without interruption to the end user. Throughout this process, the RMP portal communicates the success of each workflow step in real-time.

    Non-invasive, extensive DR testing performed periodically in advance ensures the overall success of the failover and failback processes. Ongoing health check reports let the client’s IT team know if any part of their infrastructure is at risk at any time of being outside the SLA or RTO/RPO guidelines they have in place.

  • Results

    • Core application and database resiliency for their Solaris and Oracle environment
    • Verifiable DR processes through non-invasive DR testing
    • A DR solution that meets industry compliance regulations as well as SLA and RTO/RPO targets
    • Seamless coordination with a secondary (replica) environment in a different DC
    • A single-pane-of-glass management dashboard for the monitoring and management of all servers and core applications, offering additional visibility and insight.

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