Traditional Disaster Recovery Services

Long gone are the days of manual recoveries. This new era calls for cloud and hybrid migration strategies that align with your business needs for resilience. Migrating infrastructure to the cloud with integrated DRaaS is a key step along virtually every organization’s cloud journey.

In a perfect world, all your business processes would move smoothly to the cloud, where resilience would effortlessly occur. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world where, for budget or technology reasons, not every application will be virtualized tomorrow and where genuine resilience does not occur spontaneously. In fact, the more complex your environment is, the more likely it is that – without the right partner – your operations will be exposed to residual legacy risk.

Where does this leave you? You could accept the risk of gaps in your protection, or you could hire and manage a host of vendors to cover all the bases yourself, or you could add a trusted member to your team who can manage it all for you under a single contract. You want a partner who can concurrently support your traditional legacy recovery requirements while helping you evolve to full resilience with DRaaS, keeping up step for step with you as your digital transformation journey progresses.

Enter Recovery Point.

While the majority of today’s providers have little or no experience outside of the virtualized x86 arena, we’ve been supporting the full range of heterogeneous legacy platforms and recovery methods for decades. Our enterprise class recovery centers are provisioned with leading-edge technologies and shared IT resources to meet the most complex requirements. Our credentialed staff has deep expertise in a broad range of platforms, operating systems and services:

  • IBM Z Mainframe
  • IBM Power (AIX and IBMi)
  • Sun/Oracle
  • HP-UX
  • x86, virtual and physical 
  • Tape and storage systems for mainframe and open systems
  • Comprehensive network and security solutions
  • Managed recovery services

Consider Oversubscription Risk.

The shortcoming of traditional disaster recovery services has always been the risk of oversubscription. When a vendor oversubscribes its facilities, a large-scale or regional disaster like Hurricane Sandy in 2012 can impact resource availability and put your recovery at risk.

Breaking with industry convention, Recovery Point pioneered a new approach to mitigate oversubscription risk. Unique in the industry, we maintain sufficient floor space, facilities and network infrastructure to recover 100 percent of every client’s subscription-based technology requirements simultaneously, at the client’s primary recovery site. When you select traditional disaster recovery services, you will recover at the site you know.

Supporting traditional disaster recovery programs is not an afterthought for us. It’s where we started.