Security At The Core

Data in the cloud is under siege like never before from threats, known and unknown. Using layered, defense in depth measures, Recovery Point provides holistic protection against attacks that can lay siege to and disrupt your critical data and your resilience infrastructure. Concentric, layered defenses are designed to deter against even the most sophisticated attacks and provide rapid detection and containment. With integrated layers working together, our security architecture offers a cohesive view across all attack vectors.

It is critical to have confidence in the safety of your business resilience program. Leveraging FISMA and FedRAMP principals and controls, we use the latest, best in class defense in depth measures to secure the boundary of the infrastructure and help you safeguard your content. These controls are built into Recovery Point’s cloud and recovery services from the ground up and into every phase of our service delivery architecture. Each layer is architected to the most stringent third party standards. Rest assured and use the industry leader to protect your critical data and resilience infrastructure.

Secure the Border. Secure the Content.

Recovery Point leverages FISMA and FedRAMP principals and controls to provide best in class defense-in-depth measures to secure the boundary of the infrastructure and to help you safeguard your content.

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Home to a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients, Recovery Point locations are audited against the most stringent national standards for site, network and data security. We qualify our facilities against the most rigorous, nationally recognized benchmarks so our clients, as well as their auditors and risk managers, can be confident that the services we provide will successfully safeguard the security of their critical IT assets and data.