24x7x365 Personal Service and Support 

Like our datacenters, our colocation support staff are credentialed to leading industry standards, including CompTIA A+ and CNet Certified Data Center Technician (CDCT) certifications. Backed by these skills, our experienced technicians provide comprehensive “Smart Hands” services to support your remote datacenter operations around the clock.


Typical Smart Hands Tasks: 

  • Escorted access for vendors and consultants 
  • Logistics support, shipping, receiving, package and labeling 
  • Equipment staging facilities 
  • Rack and stack equipment 
  • Power-cycling equipment and soft-booting servers 
  • Checking and securing cabling and connections 
  • Tape rotation

Client Portal

Recovery Point provides valuable tools and information for clients via the Client Portal. Technical features include expedited support services, FTP data upload capabilities, network usage statistics, equipment rack layout graphics and test planning support services. Administrative features include management of Authorization Lists, custom document libraries and access to other useful information such as Recovery Point Welcome Guides and Building Access Procedures. Logistics support features include management of equipment shipping and receiving requirements and scheduling of catering services and rest facilities. Please call us for a demonstration of the Client Portal.