Always On Infrastructure

The details of data center design really matter when you select a colocation provider. Many operators advertise facilities that are “designed to meet” industry standards but offer only their own marketing claims as proof. Uncertified infrastructure puts your business at risk whenever municipal services fail and during facility upgrades and scheduled maintenance. Sooner or later, every mechanical and electrical system serving your equipment will need maintenance. Why take the risk on a vendor with uncertified infrastructure? 

The Uptime Institute’s rigorous inspection and certification processes make its Tier Standards for Operational Sustainability program the internationally recognized independent standard for certifying data center infrastructure.  Recovery Point is one of the few operators in the United States with multiple sites certified by the Uptime Institute for Tier III Constructed Facility infrastructure.   

 If a facility’s design and construction haven’t been independently certified, there’s no proof that its infrastructure really meets any standards - or your needs. From single racks to build-to-suit to private deployments, we make it easy and safe for you to get out of the data center business, lower your costs and focus on your core mission. See our facility standards below.

Site Security 

  • Secure, single-purpose buildings 
  • Strict building access policies 
  • Escort only datacenter protocol 
  • Dual factor, biometric security 
  • 24x7x365 video surveillance 
  • Mantraps with card access systems 

Electrical Infrastructure 

  • Uptime Institute Certification at Tier III 
  • 2N transformer services 
  • 2N diesel power plants 
  • 2N UPS services with 10-minute runtimes 
  • Standard density up to 10kVA per rack 
  • Seven-day, on-site diesel fuel supplies 

Mechanical Infrastructure 

  • Uptime Institute Certification at Tier III 
  • 2N cooling plants 
  • 2N CRACs 
  • High density, rack-by-rack cooling 
  • Redundant BMS systems 
  • Pre-action dry pipe and FM200 systems 


  • Layer 1 connectivity between all Recovery Point sites 
  • Layer 1 (<1.5ms) access to 1,500+ networks and peering points 
  • Layer 1 (<1.5ms) access to all public cloud providers 
  • Diverse building entry points and DMARCs 
  • Custom network implementations from 10G to 200G 
  • 24x7x365 traffic monitoring and threat detection 



By itself, even compliant infrastructure does not guarantee datacenter uptime. A colocation facility is only as reliable as the procedures used to operate it. Independent certification to rigorous nationally recognized auditing standards provides assurance that your colocation environment can be expected to successfully safeguard the security of your critical IT assets and data. Recovery Point colocation facilities are home to a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients and are all audited against key national standards for site, network and data security.