Interconnection and Connectivity

Built for IT Transformation

In today’s cloud-enabled IT world, it’s truly all about the network. Scalable, low-latency network options at competitive prices are the key to managing your costs and operating efficiently in a hybrid datacenter environment. Our dark fiber infrastructure eliminates the complexity and expenses of last-mile charges and local loops while leveraging the benefits of a world-class network. Ride our carrier neutral, low latency infrastructure to over 1,500 networks, to the public clouds and between our sites.

Any Carrier, Anywhere, Anytime

We offer low latency interconnect services and virtually unlimited peering opportunities at geographically diverse, global PoP sites where you can directly reach any major global network, ISP or public cloud to meet your peering, transit and traffic exchange requirements. Virtually unlimited transport capacity supports all protocols, including Fiber Channel, FICON and Ethernet at speeds from 1G to 200G. We waive in-building cross connect fees at our sites and provide end-to-end service management, from your colocation footprint to the handoff with the carrier. With Recovery Point, you can leverage one provider for your cloud, colocation and network requirements.

Internet for Digital Transformation

Continuous, high-speed Internet connectivity is essential to delivering the reliability, security and performance your customers demand. Recovery Point’s flexibly array of low latency, multi-homed, Internet solutions are designed to meet your peak traffic and workload demands at highly competitive prices.

  • Direct fiber access to multiple, Tier 1 ISP backbones
  • Border Gateway Protocol protection for optimal routing
  • Diverse entry points into Recovery Point datacenters
  • Dedicated bandwidth with burstable bandwidth options
  • Industry leading 100% SLA
  • Proactive network monitoring 24x7x365

Designed for the Cloud

Recovery Point colocation sites provide direct, high performance on ramps to the leading public cloud platforms. Bypass the public Internet and connect securely to AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute and others across our private, low latency dark fiber network. Diversely routed facilities in multiple regions across the U.S. provide high security, consistent performance and great pricing for requirements from 1G to 200G.