Disaster Recovery Overview

Migrating workloads to the cloud typically takes place in stages. During this process, your resilience strategy can become fragmented, especially if you operate in a heterogeneous, hybrid environment with your business risk spread across on-premises legacy systems, collocated assets and one or more cloud deployments. Unless your resilience strategy dovetails exactly with your IT transformation strategy, you may find your risk going up instead of down.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Traditional disaster recovery programs
  • Cloud-based DRaaS
  • Colocation of client recovery assets
  • Hybrid traditional/cloud-based programs
  • Virtual tape back-up or secure physical media storage


Choose a cloud partner with the skills and resources to dynamically adapt your protection as you progress down the path from recovery to resilience:

  • One with the experience to non-disruptively realign your resilience programs as you implement your IT transformation objectives; and
  • One with the infrastructure, experience and network scale to concurrently support every platform from the mainframe to the desktop under a single contract, no matter where they are.
Disaster Recovery

Our mission is  to minimize your risk at the intersection of technology and business operations. As one of the few providers with the skills, infrastructure and experience to protect both legacy and virtualized environments at the same time, no matter where they are, we can help you move seamlessly from traditional disaster recovery to true resilience.