Flexible and Secure

A flexible and security-conscious partner is a great asset on the road to IT transformation. Your path to success is enhanced when your team includes a trusted collaborator with the depth of resources and credentialed skills to scale and adapt with you, no matter how your IT strategy evolves. Even more so when that partner treats the security of your data as a paramount priority.

 Our offerings include a full range of cloud-based services:

  • Multi-Tenant, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Deployments
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • Object Storage and Archiving

We deliver our services from independently certified, geographically diverse facilities, with support from credentialed engineers and cloud professionals who enforce the most rigorous security standards to protect your data, every step of the way.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Recovery Point’s best-in-class cloud infrastructure is supported by a suite of sophisticated tools for provisioning, monitoring and securing your infrastructure requirements. When you want to run workloads in the cloud, Recovery Point provides one of the most affordable and secure platforms anywhere.

  • Multi-tenant, private and hybrid deployments
  • The latest in cybersecurity protection, including intrusion prevention, next generation firewalls, VPNs and anti-malware/virus scanning
  • A robust service catalog for rapid provisioning of network and security solutions
  • Embedded colocation at geographically diverse data centers with high-speed interconnections
  • Direct cross connects from 1G to 200G to any hyperscale provider 

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Let us help you optimize your resilience strategy to meet the most stringent RTO and RPO requirements, at the least cost. We’ll help you design a DRaaS solution that makes sense for your organization and that gives you the flexibility to make changes as your transformation initiative evolves.

  • Heterogeneous Platform Support - From the desktop to the mainframe, we provide business resilience for some of the most demanding enterprise customers in the nation.
  • Flexible, Low Cost Network Access - Whatever level of protection you choose, you always have economical “last-mile” access to your solutions via our low-latency, private network.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Low-cost, tiered backup options in our cloud give you flexible storage options.

  • Immediate Data Access — Low-latency restorations begin in minutes, and include 24x7 support.
  • No Hidden Fees - No transaction or network egress fees. Transparent pricing is guaranteed.
  • Ultimate Air Gap Protection - For offline protection against cyberattacks and ransomware, we offer fully managed and integrated physical tape, “air-gap” services.

Archiving and Object Storage

Our suite of policy-driven archiving solutions offers a low cost, single point of entry to intelligently analyze and archive your unstructured data.

  • Competitive Pricing - Our prices are competitive with most popular platforms, including AWS’ S3 but without frustrating latency issues and murky egress fees.
  • Ease of Single Contract - Manage all of your data, from mission critical applications to regulatory archives, under a single, affordable contract.

A Flexible Partner with the Skills You Need for Today's Data Center Challenges

Let us join you on your journey to develop a compliant cloud adoption strategy that dovetails our skills and resources with your business needs. No matter what cloud end-state best suits your business, we’ll team up with you to provide solution flexibility and holistic, proactive security.