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    Cloud Recovery as a Service

    Improved RPOs and RTOs When Compared With Conventional Strategies

    Recovery Point offers an array of scalable Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions for environments ranging from the IBM mainframe though nearly all midrange platforms. These Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions eliminate tape-based restores as the primary method of application recovery and result in improved RPOs and RTOs. Recovery Point’s vendor-agnostic approach to crafting the best solution for each client can be applied to any size requirement, from megabytes to petabytes. We support both customer-owned and Recovery Point-provided solutions.

    Recovery Point combines industry-leading technologies with a powerful network and secure hosting infrastructure to make DRaaS programs affordable for a wide range of clients. Hybrid solutions which leverage client-dedicated storage with Recovery Point’s inventory of advanced technology help keep both costs and recovery times down. We are flexible and work with clients large and small to turn days into minutes, where critical application recovery is concerned.

    DRaaS need not mean the end of durable media as a recovery tool. It often merely repositions it to a secondary support role. For clients who wish to use durable media such as tape for secondary recovery or archival storage purposes, Recovery Point offers solutions which make integrated disk-to-disk-to-tape programs convenient and affordable. Just leave all of the headaches related to managing backup tapes to us. We’ve been in the off-site data storage business for over 30 years and have the certified vaulting facilities, staff, logistics services and experience to manage any form of durable media storage program to complement your DRaaS recovery program.

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